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Five Habits to Start the Day Before a Wedding

By Hannah McClune www.hannahmcclune.com A continuous power cut for almost a full day prior to a wedding wasn’t ideal. Thankfully I had all my gear charged up, but it was a definite reminder to always charge up my batteries straight[…]

Five top tips for newborn photographers

by Claire Elliott 1 – Work safely Research safety for posing newborns. They are fragile little beings and really do need special consideration. From the room temperature, posing limbs comfortably to composite work. This is a vital part of your newborn[…]

The importance of documenting, not dictating

By Colin D Miller cdmiller.photography Call it reportage, call it photo-journalism – essentially it’s story telling. I’ve always felt that photography is the purist form of story telling and as a wedding photographer, my job is to tell the story[…]

Five ways to speed up album ordering

ONE Be sure your clients to values albums This should be done from the start when they first start talking to you. Be sure to mention albums at that point and when ever the opportunity arises. Take some time to[…]

Mile High Moments: Drone Photos

Dave Williams, travel photographer and writer, has just returned from over 3,000 miles on his motorbike. The adventure led him to the Atlantic Highway in Norway where he was tasked with shooting the adventure with a drone. In this short[…]

The Truth Behind Upselling

By Hannah McClune SIM Brand Ambassador and Owner of Hannah McClune Photography www.hannahmcclune.com ‘Upselling.’ That word alone may lead you to imagine yucky sales. A crass connotation of trying to force people to buy things they don’t want. When people[...]

The importance of letting people out at junctions and how it gets us wedding bookings

By Nick Murray nickmurrayphotography.co.uk, @nickmurrayphotographic Being a wedding photographer can be a tough thing. You’re basically an island in the vast ocean of the world for most of the week, whilst you stare at a screen in the dark, culling[...]

Printing Is King

By Dave Williams Capturewithdave.com,  @capturewithdave  Print your photos. This little piece of advice is one that seems so simple, yet is so often overlooked. I was given this advice myself when starting out in photography and it’s for more than[...]

Ways to show your brand values to be an authentic photography business

By Hannah McClune SIM Brand Ambassador and owner of Hannah McClune Photography www.hannahmcclune.com There are thousands of us. I’m a photographer. You’re a photographer. The thousands of client’s SIM has are photographers. It can easily seem overwhelming to be part[...]

Harnessing the power of Social Media

By Ella Abangma, Marketing Manager - Sim Imaging : Are you a Professional photographer looking for practical tips on harnessing the power of social media? Then this article is for you. How often do you scroll through a social feed[...]